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Protect Your Assets

Identify and track your physical assets with tags designed to last the life of the equipment. Chrome Pilot has the right tag for any scenario.


Save Money
Save Money

Protect Assets
Protect Assets

Automate Inventory
Automate Inventory


Durable, Custom
Asset Tags.

Identify, Protect and Manage Your Assets.

Asset Tagging is the main process for identifying, tracking and managing hardware assets. Chrome Pilot's Asset Tags provide extreme durablity and exceptional performance in even the most difficult environments.

We Can:

  • Create Asset Tags in a number of different materials and in any shape, size, and color.
  • Attach custom tags to equipment before we ship.
  • Match your tag to our system so we can provide reports for you.
  • Attach matching asset tags to packaging as well as the equipment itself for easier tracking.
  • Create specific, custom solutions that match your needs perfectly.
  • Create the tags for you or use your own provided tags.



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