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Asset Recovery Services

Chrome Pilot provides an end-to-end solution, tailoring services to our customer's requirements. We utilize our global network of partners to help you recover the most from your end-of-life IT equipment.

Asset Recovery Service
IT Asset Recovery
Our IT asset recovery services will help you maximize returns on your end-of-life IT equipment.

Our team can help you manage the decommissioning of your unused equipment safely and efficiently.

Data Destruction
Data Destruction
Our data destruction services will secure and protect your information from getting into the wrong hands.


IT Asset Recovery

End-of-life Buy Back Programs:

Chrome Pilot can work with you to help unlock the remaining value of your old, unused IT equipment. By using our team of qualified technicians and our experience in the second-hand computer market, you can take advantage of our established reseller network to get top dollar for your end-of-life equipment.

We have two buy-back options for your old hardware:

Full Service Buy Back Program

This option allows you to retain ownership of redundant assets throughout the sales process. The current industry standard for IT remarketing, we’ll collect your old equipment and have it tested and graded, prior to a final purchase price being established. This is the best option for equipment that is 5 years old or newer.

Hassle Free 'As Is' Buy Back

Our “As Is” purchase plan allows for the most headache free approach of selling your old equipment. As Chrome Pilot assumes the risk for damaged, non-functioing equipment, your disposal becomes a hassle free experience. You simply request a quote (advising make, model and status) and we’ll will provide a market competitive offer to purchase your equipment “As Is”. Our offer includes services such as collection and data destruction.



Logistics Services

Safely Deploy or Remove Equipment

Chrome Pilot offers national logistics coverage through our extensive network of industry specialist partners and our own transport fleet. Whether transporting new equipment to site for deployment or removing End of Lease or End of Life equipment, Chrome Pilot can move your equipment to where it needs to be.

Chrome Pilot can also transport a wide variety of equipment, utilizing specialized freight providers, where required.


Data Destruction

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Chrome Pilot can ensure the proper desctruction of your data before your IT assets are resold or recycled. We use special software that initiates multi pass destruction of data, effectively writing unusable data over all usable sectors of your hard drives. Specific algorithms can be applied per batch to ensure the appropriate erasure level is achieved.

An itemized certificate of data destruction is provided with this service.


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