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White Glove Service

Chrome Pilot’s Google Chrome White Glove Service for your Chromebooks is designed to assist you in rolling out your new devices throughout your organization. We provide planning, setup, and management of end-to end custom rollouts and deployments. Your Units will be up and running quickly because this service ensures they will arrive pre-enrolled and activated in your Google console.



What We Do:


  • The devices will be unboxed.
  • The devices will be thoroughly inspected for physical damage or blemishes.
  • The system will be powered on.
  • The system will be inspected for hardware and/or software errors.
  • Tracking and returning of any device delivered with damage or not functioning.
  • Asset tags places on each unit and serial numbers are recorded.


  • Upgrade all Chromebooks to the latest version of Chrome OS.
  • Enroll all Chromebooks into the customers' Google Apps domain.
  • Repackage tagged and upgraded Chromebooks.



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